Incarnates Of Aphrodite: A New Ancient breed of Goddess

Incarnates of Aphrodite

As the balance of the inner Divine Masculine and Feminine stabilizes, there is a seemingly unusual breed of women coming to light. I say unusual, but I find her to be quiet usual, and fantastic. I have had the honor of meeting and loving a few of the Divine deLights via our many travels and open hearts and they continue to appear from the mists into our reality. Thank you Goddess for bringing me close to sisters who know and understand this flame that burns with in my depth!

I have found these women to all be creative and artistic, with a strong personality and intoxicating sense of humor. The laughter of one of these magical creatures is said to strum the strings of even the coolest hearts.
We love to see and be seen; to perform and transfer energies of joy, laughter and sensuality through music, movement and many other entertaining cultural art forms pleasing to the senses. This is done simply to watch the masses be in joy. To heal. To Open.

Most of them are complete nurtures and healers. She seems to know what you need, when you need it and has it before you before you knew you needed it.
She is kind, soft, and compassionate and carries an air of sex all around her. To lay with an incarnate of Aphrodite can be exhilarating, soft and sensual or for some, even frightening and spiritually awakening for others.
She is strong, some jaded, and can be hell on wheels should she feel the need. A secret air of purpose crackles the energies all around her.

She is an Incarnate of Aphrodite.

I’m left to wonder…..is this a new evolution of woman born of ancient blood and power? I think so. I believe these women are being called to service too. I find most of us are on intense healing paths, ones that offer us an intensity of lessons to learn for the purpose of being prepared to offer this knowledge in a more digestible manor to our fellow humans.

The greatest healing an Incarnate of Aphrodite can offer is in the Tantric sense. She can, and will if you allow her, help one to open their hearts. Not only with sex, however sex magic has been performed for centuries and is one of the most powerful modalities an Incarnate could offer, but with a garden of sweet, soft and compassionate arts. A lap to lie in. A shoulder to cry on. A friend to talk to. A Muse to inspire….

The power of these women has long been respected, forgotten and now seems to be coming again to the forefront of our society. It often elicits reactions of fear, anger and judgment. Married women hustle their husbands away; single men get the wrong idea. Although children adore the vibration of an Incarnate…they can sense the purity of the nurturing frequency.

However, its not only power that shakes loose the Fear monsters….its Love. Love is the ultimate healer, the ultimate shaker of shadows and in the end the only way. These women bring with them an intoxicating sense of Love. Seeming to embody the very essence of what it is to Love.

She Loves the birds song. And Laughs.
She Loves the drums beat. And Dances.
She Loves the Trees story. And Listens.
She Loves her breath. And she Sings.
She Loves her Divinity. And she Creates.
She Loves her fellow Human. And she Is.

So, when you find yourself nose to nose with one of these lovely ladies (or men), do not judge, or be in fear. Know only that Mother Venus is near. Black heart (cards)




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