The Vulnerable Truth

Rodolfo Young – the Authenticity Muse

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“I am that, which this moment calls forth as my expression.”

Recognized internationally as a teacher, speaker, and healer, Rodolfo has shared the same stage as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, and other great consciousness leaders.

Rodolfo grew up in San Diego, California where after attending his first 10-day silent course of Vipassana meditation, was inspired to begin teaching.

In San Diego, Rodolfo founded The Center for Connection, a non-profit organization dedicated to the values of presence, trust, and altruism. He has since taken those same principles and carried them into communities worldwide.

In 2008, he took off on a 9-month journey around the globe that landed him in Bali where he continues his work of connecting community, holding space for authentic expression, and giving heart felt hugs. He has over 10 years of experience practicing and teaching these techniques, and has helped hundreds to manifest their deepest desires for joy.

It would be easy to define Rodolfo by the roles that he might play as a teacher or as a healer, but who we truly are, is the essence between those roles and identities. And in this way, Rodolfo is an expert at holding space for the authentic expression of who you are, inside or outside your roles.

Currently, Rodolfo is creating online platforms to accelerate the connection of conscious communities and facilitators. His projects can be seen here – Integrated Potential

Find me on Google – +RodolfoYoung

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